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Agarwood is the highest value forest product in the world, and it's prices can exceed $100,000 per kilogram. It is produced when certain species of tree (Aquilaria) produce a rich, resinous heartwood in response to a stimulus. This heartwood is quite rare in nature, but due to its high value, this has led to the tree becoming critically endangered. The Aquilaria tree is also highly regulated for trade, to deter poachers.

Today the only legal source of Agarwood is from plantations, where Aquilaria is planted and artificially stimulated to produce the resin. This is a well-established high-value industry around Asia, but to date, this industry does not exist in the Philippines. As a result, poaching of native agarwood trees in the richest Philippine forests continues to be a constant issue. Without a certified legal source of seedlings, Agarwood planted in the Philippines can never be legally sold, therefore purchasing Agarwood seedlings.

Iba Botanicals was successful in securing the legal rights granted by the Department of Environment - Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB), and Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to legally import, propagate and sell Agarwood seedlings within the Philippines. The Company has established a partnership with Gourmet Farms to promote and distribute Agarwood seedlings from their nursery operations in Tagaytay to the public. Larger volumes are also available for commercial-scale plantations.

Iba Botanicals together with Gourmet Farms will provide training seminars to address all the techniques needed to successfully cultivate Aquilaria trees from propagation through to harvesting, licensing and permitting, and marketing.


Permits & Certifications

  • Wildlife Culture Permit

    RA No.9147 and DAO 2004-55

  • Atty. Tenazas Speech

    Keynote Message: Iba Botanicals' Agarwood Industry Launch

  • Iba Botanicals   is the only guaranteed legal source of agarwood seedlings and customers should contact us directly for further queries about permits, licenses and legality.

Press Release

Cultivation of Agarwood

Growing Aquilaria is similar to growing other forestry trees; it performs well in soils that are high in humus. It is also an excellent tree for intercropping, tolerates partial shade well and enjoys the typhoon protection that comes from planting within other species such as coconut.



Wholesale Buyers. Want to establish a commercial plantation of Agarwood? Contact us directly for volume pricing and technical support.


Plantitos/Plantitas. Plant agarwood in your garden, and watch it grow. Contact Gourmet Farms for online ordering and delivery.